What is E/emark certification?


1. E logo comes from the Regulation promulgated by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).At present, ECE includes 28 countries in Europe, including non-European countries such as Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, in addition to EU member countries.At present, according to the market demand, ECE members are usually willing to receive test reports and certificates that conform to ECE regulations.The products involved in the E-mark certificate are parts and system components, and there are no corresponding laws and regulations for vehicle certification.E-mark certified products are accepted by the market.Common E-mark certification products in China include automobile bulbs, safety glass, tires, triangle warning signs, automotive electronic products, etc.Generally, the testing organization of E-mark certification is the technical service organization of ECE member countries.The issuing authority of E-mark certificate is the government department of ECE member countries.

2. E-mark is the certification mark of motor vehicles, safety parts and systems that the European Commission forces member countries to use according to EU directives.The testing organization must be a technical service organization in EU member countries, and the license issuing organization is the transportation department of EU member governments.E-mark certified products will be recognized by all EU member states.As with E-mark certification, the certificates of each member state have corresponding numbers:E1— E2 in Germany—E3 in France—E4 in Italy—E5 in the Netherlands—SwedenE6— E9 in Belgium—e11— in Spain—e12— in Britain—e13— in Austria—LuxembourgE17— Finland e18— Denmark e21— Portugal e23— Greece E24— IrelandWhether it is E-mark or E-mark certification, the product must pass the test first, and the quality assurance system of the production enterprise must at least meet the requirements of ISO9000 standard.The company can provide standard counseling before certification for production enterprises, and the sample part is predicted, which greatly improves the pass rate.Our efficient, fast and professional service not only provides you with certification, but also includes future factory inspection counseling, standard update, certificate update, shipment inspection and so on, so as to ensure that your products are generally recognized in Europe.

3. Since October, 2002, it is stipulated that all vehicles, vehicle parts and electronic products used in vehicles must be subject to mandatory EMC testing, and all electronic parts sold in Europe must conform to EMC Directive 95/54/EC. Self-declaration made according to EMC Directive 89/336/EEC will no longer be valid, and the announcement agency authorized by the European Union for vehicle products will issue E/e Mark certificate.That is to say, the CE(EMC) certification originally applied for by vehicle electronics and electronic parts will be invalid from October, 2002, and the E/e Mark certificate issued by the transportation department of European countries must be reapplied before it can be sold in the European market.Obtaining the e-mark certificate and affixing the E-mark or E-mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of the relevant laws, standards and directives of the Economic Commission for Europe or the European Union, which proves that the product has passed the prescribed certification procedures and allowed the product to freely enter the markets of the Economic Commission for Europe and the European Union member countries.Carleader is a professional manufacturer of on-board displays, security monitoring and AHD cameras. Carleader has obtained relevant certification.

 E/emark certification