3 Video Input Car Monitor Applying in Trailer


With years of technical development, the application of Carleader' s 3 video input car monitor has become very mature, and it is also applied to various large vehicles, such as buses, excavators, and heavy trucks. The biggest advantage of the 3 video input car monitor with 3 trigger is that it can give our users more room for customization.

Drawing of CL-S790TM the 3 Video Input Car Monitor with Trailer which is blended perfectly. 

  • AV2 Trigger connect to trigger wire in trailer kit.
  • AV1 Trigger connect to reverse bulb. Refer diagram for finding polarity.
  • AV3 Spare manually select, you could customize some function for what you want.

CL-S790TM is a cost-effective 3 Video Input Car Monitor with 7 inch high digital new panel, giving you the better viewing performance. At the same time, the large mechanical buttons make it easier and simpler for you to operate

Equipment Parameter of CL-S790TM
* 7 " high digital new panel ,16 : 9 images
* PAL / NTSC system
* Resolution: 800 x RGB x 480
* 2 video 4 pin connector inputs (3 inputs optional)
* Brightness: 450 cd/m2
* Contrast: 400: 1
* View angle: L/R:70, UP:50, down:70 degree
* 8 languages OSD,remote control
* Trigger function for V2 on reversing
* Built-in speaker (optional)
* Power supply: DC 9~32 V
* Detachable sunshade
* Metal U type bracket

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