Car Side View Camera with UV Resistant


The Car Side View Camera is used to monitor the on-board cameras on the left and right sides of the vehicle to assist safe driving. But due to its harsh working environment, its shell is very vulnerable to corrosion. In order to avoid this problem, Carleader have developed UV Resistant spray technology, which can greatly improve the working life of the camera.

As below picture shown, CL-900 with UV resistant which is having a smoother appearance.

CL-900 this Car Side View Camera with UV Resistant selling well in hot area such as Australia and Central America. Including CL-900, we can add UV Resistant to any Car Side View Camera.

Installation of Car Side View Camera:

It can be installed under the rearview mirror on both sides of the car, and an independent shelf can be added to the large car, 

and then the camera can be installed on the shelf.