7 inch AHD LCD Screen Car Monitor


The 7 inch AHD (Analog High Definition) LCD screen car monitor is a compact monitor display device designed for in-vehicle use, 

offering high-resolution video and menu setting options. The 7-inch AHD (Analog High Definition) LCD screen car rear view monitor displays clear, vivid images from the rearview camera.

Here are the features and specifications of the 7-inch AHD LCD screen car monitor:

7 inch screen display: Provides a clear, vivid viewing experience and fits anywhere in the car.

AHD Resolution: Supports high-resolution video, up to 720p or 1080p, for improved image clarity and detail.

AHD video input: Supports AHD video sources to be compatible with AHD/CVBS camera systems.

Build in speaker:  Also without speaker is optional.

Durable construction: Designed to meet the requirements of in-vehicle use, including resistance to vibration and sunlight exposure.

When choosing a 7 inch AHD LCD screen car monitor, Carleader can provide your OEM/ODM service to suit your specific needs, please kindly contact us for more details.

7 Inch Car Rearview AHD Monitor

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