Car Accessories Continue To Improve


How to face the increasingly fierce market competition and depressing the increasingly stringent performance requirements, as well as increasingly short market life cycle, Car Accessories has become placed in every auto parts supplier can not be avoided in front of the problem.

From a technical point of view, the main problem is the continuous improvement of the degree of integration of the product, the increasing number of development, Car Accessories and the growing urgency of the development cycle. To some extent, the key to the success of product development is not the difference between its own R & D capabilities, but mainly depends on the development process of the excellent and effective management. Car Accessories This is difficult for each enterprise to imitate, but also spend money to buy one of the core competitiveness.

For the new product development process FMEA (potential failure mode and consequences analysis), 60% of the enterprises are not effectively used and real analysis.Car Accessories New product development process is not effective record retention, so that newcomers can not understand the ins and outs of product development, the same test was repeated after the product problems, Car Accessories a great waste of manpower, material resources, coupled with the current flow of frequent domestic auto parts plant designers, These unfavorable factors for the quality of the product there is a great risk.

Lack of pre-planning,Car Accessories new product development, resulting in late changes constantly, resulting after the completion of product development, can be a small group of trial, and it is full of loopholes when to mass production, or after loading the continuous problem, adversely affect the parts manufacturers, particularly new products Is the first supporting OEMs, easily lead to the host factory does not trust, Car Accessories to the future of business and technology development have great adverse factors.

(1) the generalization of components: based on the professional basis, so that different products can borrow the same parts, different models to borrow the same product, Car Accessories parts of the general, to minimize the mold development costs, While at the same time minimizing the waste of resources and shortening the product development cycle.

(2) the general means of testing: reflected in the series of products can use the same test methods, the difference is only match the tooling changes, making the test becomes simple and easy, the test costs become relatively low.

(3) the production process of standardization: mainly in the same series of products using the same technology, artificially different "small quantities" gathering a "large quantities" to maximize the saving process waste, Car Accessories in addition, is also reflected in the production process The versatility of various tooling / fixtures.

Improve the standardization of parts, to achieve the "universal" purpose, this may well be a good way to develop. This will need to be in the early stages of project management, Car Accessories and the main factory or customer to maintain the most close contact before, or other models to determine later it is too late.

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