7inch quad monitor with 141 scheme


7inch quad monitor with 141 scheme

Carleader's 7inch quad car dash mount monitor adopt the new 141 scheme,compared with the traditional Hisilicon scheme,it has the below advantages:
※Firstly,fast booting time,the 141 scheme’s initial booting time is only 6 seconds,but the traditional Hisilicon scheme need at least 24 seconds for starting.
※Secondly,easier to use,the 141 scheme’s operational system is much easier than Hisilicon scheme,which can plug and play,support 1080P.
※Thirdly,much more economical,Carleader's 7” car quad AHD monitor with 141 scheme’s unit price is lower than the same item with Hisilicon,usually can less 17USD per piece at least.

7" Quad AHD Car Monitor With 141 Scheme


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