How to choose a truck reversing camera monitor?


There are several ways to choose a truck reversing camera monitor:

1. Camera lens and chip
First of all, the CCD effect is good; the CMOS chip effect is poor. The price difference between the two types is relatively large.
Dozens of dollars in the market are all CMOS; the cost of CCD must be more than 100.
The main difference between CCD and CMOS in manufacturing is that CCD is integrated on a semiconductor single crystal material, while CMOS is integrated on a semiconductor material called a metal oxide.

The difference between CCD and CMOS cameras during the day is not very big. But there will be a noticeable difference at night.
The image of the CMOS camera at night is black and white, very blurry, and snowflakes;
The CCD camera image at night is colorful, very clear, no snowflakes or few small snowflakes.

So when choosing a camera, you must choose a CCD chip.

2. power supply
Trolleys generally use DC12V±3V power supply,
Use DC24V for trucks and buses, or choose DC12V-24V for power supply.

3.the original image / mirror image
The camera is installed on the front of the car. The camera selects the original image, also called the positive image. Generally, the photos taken in front of you are upright
The camera is used for reversing, and the mirror is used for the position of the license plate. Generally, the pictures facing the back are mirror images.

4. standard PAL NTSC
General Most of our monitors automatically select the Pal ntsc format.
    When you need to distinguish between them, if you use the wrong one, the image will jump and be distorted.

5. The size of the lens is generally 2.1mm 2.8mm 3.6mm 6mm 8mm 12mm, etc.
Generally commonly used is 2.8mm 3.6mm 6mm 8mm