How to install a New Private Mould Dome Car Side/Reversing Camera


The first step of installing New Private Mould Dome Car Side/Reversing Camera is to connect the rear camera to the large central control screen
The reversing rear view camera is extended with two wires, one is the video signal transmission line, the other is the brake signal transmission line, the video signal transmission line only needs to be directly plugged into the interface behind the car's central control screen, but the brakes The signal transmission line needs to be connected to the signal receiving line on the large central control screen at the back of the car. After connecting, tie the two connectors with electric tape to prevent the car from loosening during driving and causing poor signal contact.
Step 2 Wiring
Before wiring, it is recommended that you estimate the length of the line. There are two ways of wiring, one is to walk on the ceiling, the other is to walk on the ground. This time, Brother Miao adopted the ceiling method for wiring. Now after leading out from the center console, go up the a-pillar on the left front, then along the upper edge of the b-pillar, and finally pass through the c-pillar to the trunk. Go, pay attention after cheating, every corner of the corner needs to be fixed with the car body to prevent loosening and abnormal noise during driving.
The third step is to install the camera
The camera is usually installed at the place of the license plate, or in the middle part of the trunk lid of the car. First, remove the plastic baffle inside the trunk lid. When opening this cover, you can use a plastic screwdriver to remove the plastic clip inside. Open, and then remove the entire plastic baffle, and then squeeze the wire in from the license plate light gap, and then fix the camera on the trunk lid of the car.
One thing that needs special attention here is that we need to find the reversing light of the car, and then connect the red reversing light signal wire from the camera to the reversing light, so that it can be realized. When you put the reverse gear, the reversing light will be on. Start, synchronously send out a signal to the central control large screen to switch to the display screen of the rear camera to realize the function of reversing rear view. If you don’t know which reversing light is, put the car into reverse gear and look at the back and find which one is lit.
After the camera is installed, connect the camera cable and the transmission signal line together. The same butted part needs to be fixed with black electrical tape to prevent the car from loosening during driving.
Fourth step debugging
After all the wires are connected, you can see the transition to this time. The rear camera screen can be displayed on the large central control screen, but the screen displayed at this time may have water ripples or a lot of noise. This is because you It is caused by the wrong signal input mode selection, so at this time we have to enter the engineering mode of the car machine, find the options of the camera, select the correct signal input mode, and also call out the reversing auxiliary line.
Step 5 Organize
After the commissioning is completed, check the entire wire part for any exposed parts or unfixed places. Clean up the wires. They should be fixed and stored. Then drive the car to a flat place and adjust the camera. Height, fix the angle of the camera with a screwdriver, and the installation is complete.New Private Mould Dome Car Side/Reversing Camera is your good choice.