Classification of LED displays


10inch Caravan LCD Dash Mount Extreme Monitor With Camera is your good choice.Structure: The basic semiconductor nixie tube is made up of seven strip light-emitting diode chips arranged in accordance with Figure 12. It can realize the display from 0 to 9. Its specific structure includes "reflective cover type", "strip seven-segment type" and "single integrated multi-digit digital type" and so on. (1) The reflective cover type digital tube is generally made of white plastic into a seven-segment housing with a reflective cavity, and a single LED is attached to the printed circuit board that is aligned with the seven reflective cavities of the reflective cover, and the bottom of each reflective cavity The central position is the LED chip. Before installing the reflector, use pressure welding to connect a φ30μm silicon aluminum wire or metal lead between the chip and the corresponding metal strip on the printed circuit, drop epoxy into the reflector, and then connect the printed circuit with the chip The board and the reflector are glued in position and then cured. There are two types of packaging methods for the reflector type digital tube: empty sealing and real sealing. The sealing method adopts epoxy resin with scattering agent and dye, which is mostly used for one-position or two-position devices. The air-sealing method is to cover the upper part with a filter and a homogenizing film. In order to improve the reliability of the device, a transparent insulating glue must be coated on the chip and the bottom plate, which can also improve the light efficiency. This method is generally used for digital display (or symbol display) with more than four digits. (2) The bar-shaped seven-segment digital tube belongs to the form of mixed packaging. It is to cut the gallium phosphide or gallium phosphide wafer with the core into one or several LED light-emitting strips, and then glue the same seven strips on the Japanese-shaped "Kovar" frame, and use pressure welding The process connects the inner leads and then encapsulates them with epoxy resin. (3) The single-chip integrated multi-digit digital display uses integrated circuit technology to produce a large number of seven-segment digital display graphics on a luminescent material substrate (large wafer), selects qualified chips through dicing, and affixes them to the printed circuit. On the board, the leads are drawn out by the pressure welding process, and then the "fisheye lens" shell is covered on it. They are suitable for use in small digital instruments. (4) The production method of the symbol tube and the rice-shaped tube is similar to that of the digital tube. (5) The matrix tube (light-emitting diode dot matrix) can also be made by a process similar to that of a monolithic integrated multi-digit digital display.10inch Caravan LCD Dash Mount Extreme Monitor With Camera is your good choice.