Detailed explanation of car rear view camera


Definition of rear view camera
A reversing rear view camera is a car camera that uses a camera installed at the rear of the car.It is combined with the display screen installed in the car to form a complete reversing image system. When reversing, you can see the image of the real-time video behind the car.

Detailed explanation of the performance of the reversing rear view camera:
Image chip: CCD and CMOS image chips are an important part of the rearview camera.According to different components, it can be divided into CCD and CMOS.CMOS is mainly used in products with lower image quality. Its advantages are that the manufacturing cost and power consumption are lower than that of CCD.The disadvantage is that CMOS cameras have higher requirements for light sources; A video capture card is included. There is a big gap between CCD and CMOS in terms of technology and performance.Generally speaking, CCD has better effect, but the price is also higher. It is recommended to choose CCD camera without considering the cost.

Performance parameters:

Clarity: Clarity is one of the important indicators to measure the camera.  However, according to the different grades of the chips of each camera, the different photosensitive elements, including the level of debugging technicians, the products of the same chip and the same grade may show different quality effects. In the same way, it also depends on what kind of lens is used. A lens made of good materials will have a much better image presentation effect. On the contrary, the night vision effect of high-definition products will be discounted.

Night vision effect: The night vision effect is related to the clarity of the product. The higher the clarity of the product, the less good the night vision effect is. This is because of the chip itself, but good quality products have night vision function, and It will not show the image effect of the image object, although the color will be worse, but it is not a problem to be clear. If there is infrared night vision fill light or LED white light fill light, night vision is more clearly visible at night.

Waterproof effect: The reversing camera must have waterproof function, which can better protect the camera and prolong the life of the reversing camera.

Shockproof and dustproof: The reversing camera has the function of shockproof and dustproof. If it does not feel very clear, clean the surface of the lens with a cloth.