Vehicle essential artifact! Rear-view camera can effectively reduce the accident rate and drive safely in 360.


According to European media Inautonews, as winter approaches, the days become shorter, and pedestrian traffic safety has become one of the issues concerned by the recent research of American Automobile Association. Installing rear-view cameras for cars is a simple and effective way to reduce this hidden danger. According to the American Tourism Safety Organization, the rear-view system can improve rear-view visibility by 46% on average, saving about 100 lives every year. The federal safety supervisor has noticed this situation, and put forward a bill about mandatory rear-view cameras for cars within one year from now. Therefore, it is necessary to equip vehicles with rear-view cameras. At present, among the mass-produced rear-view driving systems, CL-S756AHD is a very good product with stronger market competitiveness!

Carleader is a professional manufacturer of AHD monitors. There may be many AHD display manufacturers, but not all AHD display manufacturers are the same. Our expertise in manufacturing AHD displays has been honed over the past 10 years. Products are exported to many countries and regions, with first-class quality and reputation, and world-renowned.

The CL-756AHD Is A 7-Inch High-Definition LCD Monitor. Support 3-Way High-Definition Camera Input, Multi-Line Real-Time 360° Monitoring Without Dead Angle. This High-Definition Car Monitor Supports Multiple Display Modes, Infrared Remote Control, Image Support Inversion, Original Mirror Image, Adjustable Brightness, Contrast And Color Saturation, And Supports Multiple Languages.

This product is matched with four super wide-angle high-definition cameras for real-time monitoring, and there is no dead angle in 360, which greatly reduces potential safety hazards and helps to ensure safe driving.