Make it easy for engineering vehicles to reverse.


In our daily life, we can often see and hear reports about the accidents of such engineering vehicles as mixer trucks, muck trucks, earthwork car, oil tankers, cement trucks and mine cars.This kind of engineering vehicle is not only large in body, but also has a rather large blind area.It is often seen before that when such engineering vehicles reverse, someone needs to be behind to direct them, so as not to hit people or objects.Nowadays, more and more drivers of engineering vehicles have begun to pay attention to the safety of driving and reversing, and will specially install reversing radar or reversing images on their vehicles to improve the convenience and safety of driving.But which one works better, reversing radar or reversing image?Is there any other better on-board system?Which one is safer when driving or reversing? Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about this topic.

Let's talk about reversing radar first. Reversing radar is a safety auxiliary device when a vehicle parks or reverses.Through ultrasonic detection, the driver is told whether there is an obstacle behind or the approximate distance of the vehicle from the obstacle.The reversing radar tells the driver the distance of the obstacle by the sound spacing of drops. The shorter the sound, the closer it is to the obstacle.However, the reversing radar is not very good, that is, it is not intuitive enough. Drivers only know that there are obstacles in the rear, but they don't know what the specific obstacles are, and whether the vehicle really stops in place. Moreover, the blind area of the engineering vehicle is so big that it is totally unreliable to observe only by means of rearview mirrors and mirrors. 

In fact, it is to install a camera at the rear of the vehicle. This camera has the function of distance measurement, and some of them have the function of moving trajectory when the vehicle is reversing, so that the owner can see the situation behind the vehicle at a glance and see the specific situation clearly.But when the light is too dark, or in bad weather, the camera is stuck with water, or there are other dirty things, it can't work normally. For example, engineering vehicles run on the construction site all the year round, and everywhere is full of dust, so the camera will inevitably get dirty things, and the reversing image will become a display completely.Here we recommend CL-760AHD-Q safety monitoring system, which is equipped with four AHD high-definition cameras, which can monitor the situation in four directions beside the car, making the dead corner nowhere to hide, and improving the safety factor of drivers.

Make it easy for engineering vehicles to reverse