How to judge and solve the problem of rear-view camera failure?


As time goes by, there may be problems with the function of the 10.1 Inch Car HD Digital Surveillance Display.These problems can be divided into three main categories: image quality problems, display problems and other problems.To troubleshoot the rear-view camera problem, you must first understand the problem.In this article, we have listed several ways to solve the most common problems.

1.There is something wrong with the image quality. Most people have trouble with image quality.In this case, the camera can work normally, but the display can't.If you encounter similar problems, this is the information you need to solve the 10.1 Inch Car HD Digital Surveillance Display problem.

2.Check the lens One thing you need to check when you see grainy or stained images is the 10.1 Inch Car HD Digital Surveillance Display. Elements such as rain, dirt, dust and dirt will cause the camera to deteriorate and limit its field of vision.Even strong winds and bad weather can lead to the degradation of image quality.To solve this problem, you need to clean the rear view camera with a clean cloth.

3.Signal problemIf your 10.1 Inch Car HD Digital Surveillance Display shows grainy images, there is something wrong with the wireless system.The reason may be that the signal is weak, because most cameras have a range of 150 feet.Therefore, if there is an obstacle between the sender and the receiver, it may be necessary to consider bringing the two parts closer together.

4.Show problemsSometimes the rear-view camera stops working and there is no image on the display.If you encounter such a problem, there is a problem with the connection or display.

5.Check the connectionIn some cases, both the camera and the monitor can work normally.The problem is that they don't communicate, probably because of the connection.You must make sure that the wires are plugged in correctly.

6.The monitor is not connected.Another reason for this problem is that the monitor is not connected properly.In most cases, the wiring is loose or not plugged into the power cord correctly.If the monitor still fails to work, it indicates that the monitor has failed.You will consider replacing the monitor.

Finally, once you know the root cause of the problem, you can easily solve it. Please be careful when you follow the following tips to solve the 10.1 Inch Car HD Digital Surveillance Display problem.If you can't do it yourself, you can always seek professional help.Carleader Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of vehicle security monitoring system, vehicle camera, vehicle display, vehicle brake lights and other products.We recommend using CL-S1019AHD. The high-definition camera is equipped with a high-definition LCD screen, which is easy to use and protects your safety.

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