How to choose the on-board security 4 split HD LCD monitor camera for trucks?


1. The chip of 4 Split HD LCD Monitor

CCD and CMOS chips are important parts of reversing camera, which can be divided into CCD and CMOS according to different components.CMOS is mainly used in products with low image quality. Its advantage is that its manufacturing cost and power consumption are lower than those of CCD, but its disadvantage is that CMOS camera requires higher light source.CCD, a high-end technical component used in photography and video recording, also comes with a video capture card.There is a big gap between CCD and CMOS in technology and performance. Generally speaking, CCD has better effect, but the price is also more expensive. It is suggested to choose CCD camera without considering the cost.

2. The Clarity of 4 Split HD LCD Monitor

Clarity is one of the important indicators to measure the camera.Generally speaking, the product with high definition will have better image quality. The product with 420 lines of definition has become the mainstream product of reversing camera, and the one with 380 lines can also be selected if it is debugged well.There are better chips 480-line, 600-line, 700-line, etc. However, depending on the chip grade of each camera and the difference of photosensitive elements, including the level of debugging technicians, the quality effect of products of the same chip and the same grade may be different. It also depends on what kind of lens is used and the lens made of good materials, the image presentation effect will be much better. On the contrary, the night vision effect of products with high definition will be discounted.

3. The Night vision of 4 Split HD LCD Monitor

The night vision effect is related to the definition of the product. The higher the definition, the worse the night vision effect. This is because of the chip itself, but good quality products have the night vision function, and they can't image objects. Although the color will be worse, clarity is not a problem.If there is infrared night vision or LED white light, night vision is more visible.

To sum up: Choose the reversing camera from the above aspects, the most important thing is to see and compare the actual effect of the image.We can choose CL-S711AHD-Q monitoring system produced by Carleader Company, which can be used with MDVR to monitor all abnormal situations such as people, cars and roads in real time during driving, and provide real data of vehicle driving and driving behavior, so as to realize smarter, more comprehensive and more active vehicle safety management!

4 Split HD LCD Monitor