Monitor the four trends of vehicle, how will the market change in the future?


1.The industry development trend 

1) High-definition: Mainly aiming at the imaging definition of surveillance video, especially the development of video technology, from 720P/1080P to high-definition, ultra-high-definition, and even 4K and 8K gradually enter people's eyes.High-definition video surveillance images are clearer and richer in details. High-definition details allow all departments to share information. In the same scene, there is no need to set up multiple cameras in order to see different areas clearly, which greatly saves the investment cost. 

2) Networking: Vehicle-mounted video surveillance is suitable for centralized management of vehicles. The monitoring center system is used to process and analyze networked data of fleet vehicles, forming a local area network similar to vehicle surveillance, which greatly improves the effect and efficiency of safety monitoring. 

3) Intelligentization: Intelligentization provides more value-added applications for vehicle monitoring, such as passenger flow statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition, driving behavior analysis, etc., which can provide greater convenience for vehicle operation.

4) Industry segmentation: The on-board video surveillance market is mainly divided into public transportation industry (such as buses and taxis), transportation industry (such as e-commerce, express delivery, logistics, cold chain and other industries), muck removal vehicles, sanitation vehicles, school buses and "two passengers and one crisis" that the state explicitly requires to be equipped with on-board surveillance.Different industries have different needs and characteristics, and the vehicle monitoring scheme also needs to be customized according to the characteristics of the industry, in order to meet the multi-scene and personalized vehicle monitoring requirements.

2. The vehicle monitoring solution

1) With the further improvement of the market scale of vehicle video surveillance, the passenger, cargo and transportation business of transportation is booming, and the demand of regulatory authorities and operating enterprises for improving operational safety and management efficiency is increasing. Carleader's research and development experience in vehicle monitoring system for many years, around the display screen, camera real-time video monitoring, driving behavior monitoring, recording, intelligent alarm and other modules, has built an intelligent, digital and visual vehicle video monitoring platform, which helps the safety supervision of "two passengers and one danger" vehicles.

2) Through the Carleader on-board monitoring system, the rear monitoring center can not only monitor the vehicle's driving speed and orientation at any time, record the vehicle's departure time, parking time, running route, driving mileage, etc., but also observe the internal situation of the vehicle at any time, thus ensuring the internal and external safety of the vehicle to a greater extent. Through the built-in GPS positioning of the vehicle, the video images collected by the front camera, etc., are transmitted to the TSINGSEE vehicle monitoring platform based on the 4G/5G wireless network. The rear managers can conveniently access the central management server through the Internet, get the first-hand real-time vehicle location and video image information from the PC client, and talk back with any scheduled vehicle.

3.The platform features

Real-time positioning and trajectory tracking 

1) Real-time positioning: Carleader vehicle monitoring platform supports the collection of accurate location points, mileage, speed and real-time status of vehicles in a time period. The electronic map of the platform can display the positioning of vehicle personnel in real time, as well as the detailed information of vehicle and driver, such as license plate number, driver's name, and the data of the electric quantity, speed, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature of the positioning terminal.

2) The track tracking and playback platform collects the vehicle's driving track in real time. According to the license plate, time period, etc., the manager can select the location point of the vehicle's driving history, query the historical track, etc., and play back the historical track.

Real-time video monitoring, recording and storage 

1) The platform adopts centralized and distributed network management architecture, which can simultaneously realize remote real-time video monitoring, video recording and snapshot of multiple vehicles. When a vehicle alarm is triggered, it will automatically record and upload to the cloud, and support video playback, which can help managers quickly trace the source and obtain evidence during the later investigation.