What is the role of on-board safety monitoring?


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With the continuous development of urban economy and the continuous expansion of its scope, passenger transport companies will also develop at a high speed. As the policy level pays more and more attention to the safety of public transport, as the manager of a passenger transport company, you will definitely consider the safety of passenger transport while considering the development. So are you worried about the following questions?

1) Although passenger vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning system, which can realize vehicle navigation and dispatch, the property safety of passengers can't be guaranteed, especially when driving at night, security incidents such as theft, robbery, disputes, fights, etc. are prone to occur, and no strong evidence can be given afterwards;
2) Drivers' operating specifications, unsupervised vehicle routes, speeding, fatigue driving, traffic violations, making phone calls while driving and other bad behaviors increase the potential safety hazards in the transportation process;
3) After leaving the station, the driver secretly carried passengers to embezzle tickets, resulting in overloading and illegal fines; Illegal behaviors such as collusion between drivers and passengers to seek benefits, changing routes without permission, etc., easily lead to complaints/contradictions from passengers, and at the same time affect the image of enterprises;
4) The scattered management of the management center makes it difficult to obtain accurate operation data, and the driver can't be effectively assessed, and the driver's false report and false report can't be contained, resulting in the increase of operation cost;
5) In case of traffic accident, robbery, vehicle breakdown, traffic jam and other emergencies during transportation, the monitoring center can't respond in time, resulting in the failure to arrive on time, which is easy to cause passengers' complaints;

6) The society's requirements for the service quality of passenger transport companies are constantly improving. Only by constantly improving their own service level can they win in the market competition.

Composition of on-board monitoring system for passenger cars

At present, in view of the frequent traffic accidents of long-distance passenger vehicles and the increasingly serious social impact, passenger transport companies are eager to strengthen the supervision of vehicles under their jurisdiction. Meanwhile, relevant government departments are gradually introducing corresponding measures to strengthen supervision. For example, on April 11, 2011, the Ministry of Communications issued the Notice on Conscientiously Implementing the Technical Requirements for Satellite Positioning System Platform of Road Transport Vehicles and the Technical Requirements for Vehicle Terminal of Satellite Positioning System of Road Transport Vehicles.
With years of experience in research and development of on-board monitoring products, Carleader actively responded to the market demand of passenger on-board monitoring industry, and launched 4G on-board intelligent monitoring system solution to solve the problems faced by managers of long-distance passenger transport companies.
The system encodes and stores audio, video, GPS and alarm data through Carleade vehicle safety monitoring system. Upload audio and video, alarm information and GPS data through 4G mobile network; At the same time, remote management operations such as equipment remote upgrade, parameter modification, digital intercom and remote snapshot are realized.
The management personnel of server monitor Center only need to authorize the corresponding vehicles through the server background software, and generate the corresponding account numbers and passwords to manage them uniformly. At the same time, other accounts can be created through the web client for other people to view and manage in real time on smart phones and computers.

7-inch in car HD quad split display installation location:
1) Front-looking camera: function of driving recorder;
2) Driver's camera: standardize the operation;
3) Front door camera: monitoring passengers getting on the bus;
4) aisle front-looking camera: no dead angle monitoring, preventing pickpockets in the car;
5) Aisle rear-view camera: no dead angle monitoring, preventing pickpockets in the car;
6) Rear door camera: monitoring passengers getting off the bus;
7) Rear compartment front-view camera: no dead angle monitoring, lost property inquiry, and prevention of pickpockets in the car;
8) Rear-view camera: monitoring the road conditions behind the car.

7-inch in car HD quad split display

System function

1. The most effective method of vehicle management: scientific management of vehicles fundamentally solves the problems of private use, high operating cost, many potential safety hazards and poor social reflection of official vehicles;
2. Computerized and transparent management: the monitoring platform can accurately display the route, speed, mileage and fuel consumption of the vehicle, and can calculate the road and bridge expenses, fuel costs and other expenses in detail according to the route and mileage;
3. Track recording and playback: The management system can record the daily driving status of each vehicle in detail, and can query the historical track playback afterwards, and can display information such as license plate number, user identity, driving time, direction speed, path and track, stop position, stop time, etc.
4. Setting of traffic range: You can set the maximum traffic range of vehicles in advance, and set the electronic fence. Once the vehicles leave the set range, the monitoring platform will prompt you, and you can also check the records afterwards to provide standardized management for the use area of official vehicles;
5. Driver's smart card management: it can record the identity of the official vehicle user, the time of getting on and off the bus, the driving route, the speeding situation and other information in detail, so as to prevent the vehicle from being misused for private use, and can save the above information for inquiry, so as to distinguish the responsibilities when necessary.
6. Data statistics: It can count the mileage, running time, speeding, fatigue driving time, electronic fence records, stay time and place, driver's login time, toll booth passing records, etc.

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7-inch in car HD quad split display

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