Application of Wireless Camera in Commercial Vehicles


In order to standardize the daily operation and control the application of road safety, some industries can use wireless remote vehicle monitoring cameras to master the dynamic vehicle monitoring solutions of commercial vehicles in real time.Through digital audio-visual audio mode, information can be reflected synchronously through integrated system platform to help enterprises and related institutions supervise emergency response.

The wireless surveillance camera scheme mainly consists of remote data transmission, video storage, download and playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, GPS positioning, vehicle history track playback and other terminal hosts;Active system with real-time driving algorithm monitoring and early warning;Infrared night vision audio double-standard vehicle-mounted wireless vehicle-mounted monitoring camera;Four-way cameras of truck-mounted monitoring display the blind spot picture of the driver through the vehicle-mounted monitor;In addition, the sensor detects data according to the special requirements of various industries or enterprises.

At present, panoramic high-definition remote monitoring of vehicle-mounted cameras has been widely used in all walks of life.Of course, I am familiar with the remote real-time bus monitoring solution.Other commercial vehicles include school buses, logistics vehicles, dangerous chemicals vehicles, cold chain transport vehicles, engineering vehicles, silt vehicles, forklifts, etc. Customers rely on front-end hard disk storage and background system backup to provide clear video and audio data support for vehicle operation.

Truly safe driving means constantly improving safety awareness and assisting driving with scientific and technological means.Carleader's7Inch 2.4G Analogue Wireless Monitorcan be used with wireless monitoring display, and can be applied to cranes, agricultural vehicles, forklifts and other vehicle equipment, providing them with a high-definition wireless long-distance monitoring scheme, which greatly solves the vision problems of drivers who can't see the surrounding situation clearly due to the long distance, effectively improves the driver's vision, and contributes to safe operation and construction.

7 inch 2.4G Analogue Wireless Monitor