What is the high position brake light?


High-position brake lights are generally installed at the upper part of the rear of the car, so that the vehicles driving behind can easily find the brakes of the vehicles in front, thus preventing rear-end accidents.Generally, two brake lights are installed at both ends of the rear of the car, one left and one right, so the high-position brake lights are also called the third brake light, the high-position brake light and the third brake light.The function of the high-position brake light is to warn the vehicles driving behind, so as to avoid rear-end collision.

Vehicles without high-position brake lights, especially cars and mini-cars with low chassis, usually have insufficient brightness when braking, so it is sometimes difficult for drivers of vehicles behind them, especially trucks, buses and buses with high chassis, to see clearly.Therefore, the hidden danger of rear-end collision is relatively large.

A large number of research results prove that high-position brake lights can effectively prevent and reduce the rear-end collision of automobiles.Therefore, high-position brake lights have been widely used in many developed countries.For example, in the United States, according to the regulations, all newly sold cars must be equipped with high-position brake lights from 1986;Since 1994, all light trucks sold must also be equipped with high-position brake lights.

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What is the high position brake light?