What is AHD "reversing image?


AHD "reversing image, namely analog high-definition reversing monitoring system, is a very important paving aid system.Compared with the traditional analog high-definition products, AHD adopts advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology, which can effectively reduce the color noise in the high-frequency area, with better image reducibility, and a qualitative leap and improvement in the quality of monitoring images. The highest definition can be equivalent to the full HD level of network HD 1080P, and the shooting is higher and the images are clearer.

AHD"Compared with the driver, the reversing image is also a very easy-to-use parking aid system. After the vehicle equipped with reversing image is put into the R gear, the central control screen will display the image of the rear of the vehicle, which can help the driver to better judge the distance between the vehicle body and the rear obstacle, and park the vehicle more intuitively and safely.If the vehicle monitoring system is installed, it can cooperate with the camera to monitor the road conditions around the vehicle body in all directions in real time, greatly reducing the possibility of accidents.

AHD "reversing image features:

1. More advanced technologies of bright color separation, signal filtering and 3D noise reduction, with higher image definition and better reducibility; 

2. Zero delay, front-end data is compressed to back-end without coding, full real-time and high fidelity; 

3. Good compatibility, common D1/960H, and analog peripherals (including distributor, matrix, etc.);

4. Easy to operate and support OSD menu design;5. Open standards. Third-party open standards are compatible with AHD products from other manufacturers;

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