How to improve the efficiency of vehicle management by using on-board cameras


How to improve vehicle management efficiency by using on-board cameras? If you want to triple the efficiency of enterprise vehicle management, you can do this. Many enterprise bosses have a headache about vehicle management. Why do you say this?

This is mainly because the transportation work of the team spans a large space and has strong mobility, which makes it difficult to master the position of vehicles. On the other hand, as the main driver of the team, many drivers are not self-conscious, which is also difficult to control.

At present, the management mode of many vehicles is to arrange a team leader for each team. The team leader is responsible for mastering the vehicle dynamics, making vehicle dispatching plans, and filling in various reports and driving records. According to the monthly, quarterly and annual analysis report to the boss, this kind of manual management can not keep abreast of the vehicle dynamics, but it is not realistic to go to the team site to manage, so the management efficiency is too low.

Recently, the bosses of many enterprises found us: "Is there any equipment that can see the running tracks of all vehicles in the office, so that they don't have to worry about covering up each other anymore, and I can see the dynamic information of vehicles at any time every day, so as to improve the utilization efficiency of vehicles."

This problem is not too simple for us. We have a professional vehicle management platform, which is suitable for different types of vehicles. We can see all vehicles on the platform. Not only can we see the running track of vehicles in real time, administrators can not go out of the home through the platform, but also can realize remote supervision through mobile phones and computers anytime and anywhere. We have not only the location information of vehicles, but also the monitoring images of vehicles, achieving transparent management.

How do we achieve transparent and effective management?

1. First install a set of 4G on-board intelligent terminal on the vehicle

This set of equipment is equipped with a forward 1080P resolution camera and a 720P resolution camera in the vehicle to capture video in real time, record the forward driving picture of the vehicle and the driver's driving behavior in real time, and transmit it to the monitoring center through the 4G full network. And it has GPS&Beidou positioning, so whether the driver drives according to the established video can be clearly known

2. Remote vehicle monitoring management center

As long as the monitoring center is opened in the office, the information of all vehicles can be seen through the vehicle management platform, such as the video screen on the vehicle, the time when the vehicle is online, the running track, the parking position, etc. It is no longer necessary to rely on the monthly report provided by the team leader to understand the use of vehicles. Now, I want to know at any time to open the platform to obtain new information.

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