Fine vehicle monitoring


Fine vehicle monitoring

System function

1. 24-hour vehicle real-time tracking of global satellite positioning, 24-hour vehicle location and display through Google satellite map. The system automatically displays the current location of the vehicle and the driving track of the first two minutes to the maximum, and the map continuously and automatically describes the running route of the vehicle to be monitored with green lines. Automatically refresh to view the latest location of the vehicle in real time.

2. Inquire about the vehicle's historical driving track. You can arbitrarily inquire about the vehicle's driving situation at any time, as well as the parking place and parking time, which can be intuitively displayed on the map. 

3. Vehicle mileage and fuel consumption management The calculation technology of satellite trajectory is applied to scientifically manage the mileage and fuel consumption of vehicles in any period of time.

4. Vehicle driving safety management Strong anti-theft, anti-robbery, and help-seeking functions prevent outsiders or drivers from stealing vehicles, and avoid the loss of both vehicles and goods. And realize the functions of crossing the boundary, speeding and alarming. When the vehicle crosses the boundary, speeding or the GPS is removed, the terminal automatically sends a short message to the owner's mobile phone for reminding.

5. Statistics of driving analysis statements: ① Statistical analysis according to vehicle parking places and time statements; ② Statistical analysis of vehicle driving situation statements; ③ Statistical analysis of vehicle parking without flameout statements; ④ Statistical analysis of traffic jam places and time statements, etc. 

6. When there is no network, the device intelligently stores the positioning report function. When the GPRS has no signal or the communication with the monitoring center is interrupted, the GPS positioning report data will be stored in the memory of the device. When the GPRS is connected again, all stored reports will be transmitted to the server by GPRS again. 

7、GPS+GPRS。 After being connected with the terminal system, the vehicle can be remotely located, monitored, dispatched and managed in real time. It can directly make phone calls and send short messages, receive and send short messages from the monitoring center, and help customers customize special service functions.

System characteristics

The monitoring system supports monitoring through a variety of terminals, mainly including PC and other clients, TV wall and mobile phone terminals, and has the functions of remote video browsing, remote control, multi-screen monitoring, manual video recording and video playback. 1. The monitoring center of the monitoring client is connected to the telecom IDC computer room through a dedicated line, and the client can browse the video of each monitoring point and control the PTZ of the camera. 2. Mobile phone monitoring realizes remote video browsing, remote cloud mirror control, video screenshots and other functions through 3G mobile phone terminal with built-in monitoring client software, which meets the needs of customers for remote video viewing and remote emergency command, and provides 3G customers with video monitoring services anytime and anywhere.

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