Why should we install car monitors in a truck?


In recent years, with the rapid development of logistics, heavy trucks often appear on our roads. In order to strengthen the safety of large truck road transportation, dynamic monitoring of freight vehicles is strengthened. Many countries have made it mandatory for heavy trucks to install car monitors.


There are two main reasons why we should install car monitors in a truck?


On the one hand, heavy-duty trucks are large in size, long in the compartment, high in height, and have a large visual blind area in the right front and rear view mirrors, which blocks the line of sight when the vehicle turns right and changes lanes to the right; in addition, the load is heavy and the inertia is large prone to traffic accidents. On the other hand, truck drivers have irregular driving behaviors such as: fatigue driving, playing with mobile phones, speeding, etc.


On the other hand, there can be a background to monitor the driver's driving behavior and correct the driver's dangerous driving behavior in time.


There are more and more logistics companies that would use 4G video car monitors to manage the truck driver. The 4G on-board car monitors solution for trucks can monitor the status of vehicles, personnel, the environment, and hazardous chemicals during the entire transportation process.

Real-time dynamic monitoring provides enterprises with decision-making support such as operation route planning, resource allocation, and economic analysis, which helps enterprises to dynamically monitor hazardous chemical vehicles and make up for management loopholes. Trigger alarms to ensure safety. 

After an accident occurs, it is helpful to quickly and accurately locate the cause of the accident. If a truck is robbed or stolen in a remote area, the driver will face a very dangerous situation if he cannot get in touch with the outside world.  It is also very difficult to investigate and collect evidence after the event. There is a problem with the supervision of freight drivers' questions.

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