The function of the car monitor of night vision


Inorder to ensure road safety, vehicle camera functions need to be able to operate around the clock as much as possible. The in-car camera realizes the perception of the surrounding environment through light sensing and algorithms. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the night vision capability of the car camera in scenarios where the light is insufficient, such as driving at night and passing through tunnels. At present, car night vision systems can be divided into three categories according to different imaging principles and lenses: low-light, near-infrared and far-infrared.

Car cameras generally have many outstanding performances in terms of functions, and night vision and waterproof functions are their two most representative functions.

The night vision effect is one of the necessary functions of the car camera. It will have a direct relationship with the clarity of the product. Generally speaking, the higher the definition of the camera, the better its night vision effect will be. It is caused by the unique nature of the chip itself. But in general, night vision function is definitely a must-have function for any car camera with better quality. If there is no such function, then it cannot be said that it is a complete HD car camera product.

Under normal circumstances, the night vision function will not affect the object imaging effect of the camera, so this function can be said to be a very important and very practical function. Although the night vision function will have some impact on the chromatic aberration of the camera to a certain extent, resulting in slightly worse chromatic aberration, its clarity can still be guaranteed.

The waterproof function is also a function that most products of the car camera have, and this function also has a very good application value.When the car camera is used by people, it will inevitably be disturbed by some moisture, such as rainy weather or relatively humid climate. At this time, if the car camera is not waterproof, it is easy to cause some problems due to water appear, affect its normal use, and may even directly cause damage to the camera.

With the waterproof function, the camera can be used in any environment with water, and it can be guaranteed that it will never have any failures and problems. It can be said that the waterproof function is a must for the car camera. An essential feature that is also very useful.