What is the Difference Between Backup Camera and Rear View Camera?


What is the Difference Between Backup Camera and Rear View Camera?

Although backup cameras and rearview cameras are often used interchangeably as surveillance cameras on vehicles, there may be subtle differences between the two.

Backup camera: Typically refers to a camera system specifically designed to assist drivers when reversing or parking. These cameras are typically mounted on the rear of 

the vehicle and provide a view of the area behind the vehicle. Reverse cameras often include features such as reversing lines to help the driver judge distance and adjust the vehicle when reversing.

Rear view camera: Can refer to any camera system that provides a view of the area behind the vehicle, whether used for reversing, parking. Rearview cameras can include reversing cameras, 

but they can also include systems like 360-degree surround cameras or cameras mounted on the side of the vehicle to help eliminate blind spots.

In summary, while all reversing cameras can be considered rearview cameras, not all rearview cameras are necessarily specifically designed to assist in reversing or parking.

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