Reverse Backup Camera with Joystick


A reverse backup camera with a built-in control menu is a rearview camera system designed to help drivers when reversing or parking their vehicles. 

These cameras come with an integrated control menu or on-screen display (OSD) that allows users to adjust various settings and customize their preferences directly through the camera system,

Easy to install: usually suitable for installation on various vehicles.

Wide Viewing: Provides a wide field of view, typically over 120 degrees, to provide a comprehensive view of the area behind the vehicle.

Night vision: Equipped with infrared LEDs for improved visibility in low light conditions or at night.

Waterproof and weatherproof: Withstands harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow.

Backup cameras with built-in control menus offer added convenience and flexibility, as drivers can easily customize camera settings to suit their needs and the specific requirements of their vehicle.

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