Back Up Camera


Why a backup camera for your vehicle?

* Protect Lives/Eliminate Blind Spots – All vehicles, especially large vehicles including minivans and pickup trucks, require backup cameras to eliminate blind spots. Consumer Reports recommends installing aftermarket backup camera systems on all vehicles to increase convenience and safety by eliminating dangerous blind zones.

* Better Driving –Backup cameras make difficult driving maneuvers easier. Rear cameras increase pedestrian visibility and overall safety conditions for passengers and operators.

* Save Money –A cost efficient backup camera system not only keeps you safe by preventing accidents, it saves you money in the long and short term.

* Video Evidence – Dash cameras Mobile DVR’s record all cameras installed. This footage can be used in case of an accident for insurance reasons or to present to a court, they can be used to dispute traffic tickets, and they are a great way to record all the priceless moments on the road.