Reversing monitor definition editing


Reversing monitors can also be said: bus monitors, car monitors, car monitors, and reversing monitors are called differently, but they are the same product. I think everyone is familiar with this product now, because at present Most of the buses and buses have been installed. Since bus explosions, bus accidents, and passengers caught in the middle of the door, they have been loved by the majority of users. The development of this product was originally a reversing monitor. It is composed of a vehicle-mounted camera and a transmission line, which is convenient for the driver to observe the situation of the passengers getting on and off the car and the rear part of the reversing car from the driving position. It has been widely used in various types of vehicles (such as school buses, buses, buses, trucks, trucks, etc.). Engineering vehicles, forklifts, law enforcement vehicles, communication vehicles, escort vehicles, harvesters, agricultural vehicles, corn machines, sightseeing vehicles, etc.).
Although it is now widely used in various vehicle types, there are many manufacturers, product quality is also uneven, and the industry does not have a specific standard for customer reference, etc., resulting in many customers after installation, but did not achieve the desired effect. According to the customer's requirements, I have summed up through many years of experience: how to choose a reversing monitor product.
Principle: The image captured by the rear of the car is captured by the on-board camera installed in the rear of the car, and the signal is sent to the on-board monitor installed at the driving position through the transmission line, and the obstacles around the vehicle are displayed in the form of images, and the driver's field of vision is enlarged. , To help the driver find the obstacles around the vehicle in time, thereby increasing the safety factor of driving and assisting the driver to reverse safely.
Composition: Simply speaking, it is composed of: on-board display, reversing camera, and transmission line. CCTV Vehicle Reverse Camera is your good choice.