7" Wireless 2.4GHz HD Forklift Monitor Camera System guarantees the safety of tanker transportation


The transportation status of tank trucks is difficult to grasp in real time, which restricts the improvement of business operations to a certain extent. The safe transportation of fuel products has always been a concern in the management of petroleum transportation companies. In the transportation of fuel products, theft, robbery and irregular behavior of employees have brought different degrees of losses to the company. Therefore, Shenzhen Kareide smart car camera manufacturers make independent solutions for the monitoring of surveillance cars.
Tank truck solution monitoring solution
Fully automatic electronic shutter, fast imaging response speed. The viewing angle adjustment range is wide, and the viewing angle can be adjusted up and down, left and right. Beautiful structure, convenient installation, suitable for the installation and use of vehicle left and right visual blind corners. Automatic iris control, effectively guaranteeing the image effect of light/dark environment changes. Day and night conversion: color to black optional, low current design, wide voltage power supply with overcurrent, overvoltage protector video with 5KV lightning protection. Anti-twist design to avoid angle deviation. IP68 waterproof level, no water, no fog.
With the rapid development of electronic technology, the Saiwei smart tank truck monitoring program uses advanced global satellite positioning technology to track the position of the tank truck in real time, monitor the opening and loss status of each oil inlet and outlet in real time, and transmit the information to the monitoring center. The management of tank trucks improves dispatching command and efficiency, effectively prevents abnormal phenomena such as midway oil unloading and illegal work, and makes tank trucks safer and more economical. 7" Wireless 2.4GHz HD Forklift Monitor Camera System is your good choice.