How to choose a reversing monitor


1. Operating voltage range:
1. The operating voltage range is the key to determining the reversing monitor, because once the power circuit has a problem, the car monitor and camera will be burned out, and the circuit on the car will be burned out. The voltage of the cart is 24V. Generally speaking, the wider the voltage adaption range, the better. There are several types on the market: 1. The working voltage is 12V, and the customer needs to buy a voltage stabilizer. This configuration product has a lot of Hidden danger, because the working voltage range and current of different products are different, and most of the voltage regulators on the market are not standardized, working voltage, output current, circuit protection, etc. may be matched with products of different manufacturers , The effects and stability used are different. After using this 12V rear view system, the monitor and camera may burn out after a period of use.
2. The working voltage is 24V, which is designed according to the voltage on the car. This configuration product also has certain disadvantages, because the voltage fluctuation range on the car is very large, especially during cold start, old cars, etc. Sometimes the voltage is only more than ten volts, and sometimes the voltage reaches 28 volts. For example, products with some configurations have a wide range of voltage fluctuations, and the device cannot be turned on, or a white screen, crashes, and the machine is also burned out.
3. The working voltage is 11~32V, which is specially designed for various vehicles. It is also the most professional product to solve the voltage working requirements of vehicles in any situation.
2. Power output function:
This is the DC12V power supply for the car camera. Because there are many manufacturers on the market, this function is not considered when designing. The camera power supply must be an external power supply. The impact is: 1. The camera works for a long time and often burns out. It is the moment when the car is started, the most obvious, 2. The circuit is complicated and cumbersome, leaving a lot of hidden dangers. The most professional reversing monitor is that the power supply of the camera is converted by the power supply circuit inside the monitor, and the output DC12V power supply, so that the voltage is stable, the ripple coefficient Less, it is not easy to cause interference. 7 Inch 2.4G Analogue Wireless Monitor And Camera is your good choice.