Shenzhen Carleader's Car License Plate Camera records the situation in the blind spot to ensure the safety of the people


The installation of the blind spot imaging system can indeed effectively reduce the traffic accidents caused by the blind spot. The mandatory installation of the system greatly solves the situation that the driver can see the right driving clearly during the driving process. The side-mounted camera of Shenzhen Carleader solves the problem that the driver can see more clearly during driving, and illuminates the blind area so that large vehicles can clearly see where their blind area is and detect in time to avoid car accidents.
Side mounted camera
It adopts IP68 waterproof level, automatic iris control with no water ingress and no fog, which effectively guarantees the image effect of light/dark environment changes. Shenzhen Carleader's Car License Plate Camera is your good choice. Day and night conversion: color to black optional, low current design, wide voltage power supply with overcurrent, overvoltage protector video with 5KV lightning protection. Anti-twist design, avoid angle deviation, wide range of illumination angle. The anti-vibration performance reaches 6.8KG, and the original Sony 700-line CCD chip is used to escort your reversing safety regardless of night or day. 4P micro aviation plug interface, firm contact; automatic electronic shutter, fast imaging speed.
Shenzhen Carleader has already used thousands of vehicles in this aspect of large-scale vehicle monitoring solutions. It is widely used in Guangdong to monitor blind areas in real time. In order to ensure the safety of vehicles under blind areas, the Saiwei intelligent side-view camera keeps the record. The situation is photographed.Shenzhen Carleader's Car License Plate Camera is your good choice.