The basic composition of the reversing imaging system


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The reversing image system is mainly composed of a wide-angle camera installed at the rear, a control unit responsible for signal processing and transmission, and a display responsible for display. New Rearview Camera is your good choice.
The wide-angle camera is installed at the buckle of the trunk and placed obliquely downward. The horizontal detection angle is 130°, and the vertical detection angle is 95°. The horizontal resolution of the chip used to detect the image is 510 pixels, and the vertical resolution is 492 pixels, with a total resolution of 250,000 pixels.
The control unit is located on the right side of the rear of the vehicle, close to the wheel cover, and mainly undertakes the following tasks: supply voltage to the reversing camera; correct the wide-angle image of the camera; insert static and dynamic auxiliary lines in the camera image; provide video input for the camera signal Provide video input terminal for TV tuner; use integrated video switch to switch to the required video signal; provide video output terminal for received video signal; self-diagnosis of control unit; diagnose received camera signal; use The VAS tester and calibration panel perform system calibration; correct the distorted image.
The display receives the video signal transmitted from the reversing image control unit through a separate signal line, and provides the driver with the required information.
Communication with other control units. In addition to the above four main system components, auxiliary components also include: steering angle sensor G85, which is used to calculate auxiliary lines in the camera image; parking assistance control unit J446, which provides whether parking assistance is activated by button or reverse gear. Information, and information about whether the parking control unit is damaged, etc.