How helpful is a reversing camera to the vehicle?


Our New Rearview Camera products have won the recognition of our customers with excellent quality!
During the driving of large vehicles, the quality requirements for reversing cameras are getting higher and higher. With the development of the construction vehicle business, the requirements for reversing cameras are getting higher and higher. No matter from the color effect, shock resistance, waterproof and other effects, shenzhen Carleader Electronic Co., Ltd. is the best choice.
The reversing camera produced by shenzhen Carleader Electronic Co., Ltd. has a waterproof performance of IP69, that is, it can also be waterproof under 10 meters of water. The anti-vibration performance reaches 6.8KG, and high-quality chips are used to escort your reversing safety no matter night or day. 4P micro aviation plug interface, firm contact; automatic electronic shutter, fast imaging speed. Monitoring equipment is undoubtedly the most important part of it. It is like the human vision and brain analysis system. It can play the role of analyzing and judging in advance and collecting evidence after the event. It has become an important means to assist the public security department in fighting crimes and maintaining social stability.