Reversing Camera - Record the driving situation ahead, escort your safety


Transportation has now become an indispensable means of transportation for human beings. However, car accidents occur every day in society, and the proportion of large vehicles in car accidents is not less than that of small vehicles. Therefore, Shenzhen Carleader Electronic Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of vehicle monitoring equipment, has designed a monitoring solution for each vehicle model, which records the whereabouts and driving conditions of large vehicles at a glance.
The small conch aluminum alloy shell with unique shape is specially designed for automatic iris control for the installation of small instrument panels in large vehicles, which can effectively ensure the image effect of light/dark environment changes. Day and night conversion: color to black optional, low current design, wide voltage power supply with overcurrent, overvoltage protector video with 5KV lightning protection, high shock resistance.
This New Private Mould Dome Car Side/Reversing Camera produced by Shenzhen Carleader Electronic Co.,Ltd. records the daily driving conditions of the vehicle. If there is a traffic accident, you can contact the relevant vehicle management department to check the incident at the first time, which is not only effective for saving After the incident, I am not afraid that the video footage will not be recovered due to damage to the camera.