AHD 3G/4G vehicle monitoring installation steps and precautions


AHD 3G/4G vehicle monitoring installation steps and precautions

An authoritative expert in the field of AHD Monitor - Shenzhen Carleader Electronic Co.,Ltd. Today, I will introduce you the installation steps and precautions of AHD 3G/4G vehicle monitoring.
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  In order to adapt to the continuous development of urban traffic and the improvement of social security, the modern management of transport vehicles has been put on the agenda to establish a unified, efficient, smooth, wide coverage and universal AHD 3G/4G video surveillance and scheduling of transport vehicles. system is very necessary. Today I will tell you about the knowledge of installation and attention.

AHD 3G/4G vehicle monitoring installation steps and precautions
Wire strippers, insulating tape
Wire slot, screwdriver
pliers, drill

What are the functions of installing surveillance cameras? The following six points are analyzed for you: 1. The driver and passengers cannot switch the video recording or delete the video data; 2. The video data can be stored for 25-30 days; 3. The management personnel can inquire about the video data anytime and anywhere; 4. Important video data It can be backed up to other mobile storage devices. 5. The video quality is required to be clear, and playback can clearly identify the characteristics and behavior of the perpetrator, which can be used as evidence in court; launch.

1. Installation instructions for AHD surveillance cameras The surveillance cameras are installed on the side of the rearview mirror, the front door and the rear door in the car, all of which are dedicated wide-angle cameras for vehicles, which can ensure a clear view of the scene even at night without any light; front door camera: installation On the upper left of the driver's seat, it mainly monitors the driver's driving behavior and the front door loading and unloading. A pickup (microphone) can be configured here to record the conversation between the driver and the passenger at the same time; rear door camera: the camera is installed on the top of the rear door of the car, and the monitoring range is the rear of the car and the rear door, and can monitor and record the rear door of the car To prevent the occurrence of accidents involving passengers and prevent criminals from committing crimes; the rear-view mirror side camera in the car: installed next to the rear-view mirror, it can monitor the situation in the entire car, prevent fights and theft incidents, and protect the safety of passengers .

2. Installation Instructions of AHD 3G/4G Four-channel Car DVR The car video recorder is installed under the seat or on the luggage rack. Pay attention to the following points during installation: the car video recorder needs to be powered from the battery, not connected to the engine; the car video recorder must be It should be firmly fixed; the car video recorder should not be installed near the engine (too hot) or in a place that cannot dissipate heat, and pay attention to waterproofing while preventing high temperature. Car DVR is a new type of video surveillance equipment specially designed for the field of car security. It adopts embedded processor and embedded operating system, and combines the latest H.264 audio and video compression/decompression technology, network technology, and advanced vehicle power management technology in the IT field. It is suitable for 24-hour monitoring of various types of vehicles. It can perform audio and video synchronous recording, and the network port can be connected to a wireless network module to realize wireless transmission of audio and video recording. The product has a simple appearance, low power consumption, no noise, flexible and convenient installation, and stable system operation.